The rights of the teacher according to Ahlul-bayt AS by scholar sheikh Tammam Ahmad

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Teacher day


The teacher day, is the day shall we give it attribution, we cannot say utmost of what the teacher job itself represent.

The day in which the teacher is honored is like the day the messenger of Allah (peace and blessing be upon him and his household) honored, because the messenger of Allah (peace and blessing be upon him and his household) sent as teacher, guidance, & preacher.

This verse we read every Friday { He who has sent among the unlettered ones a Messenger from among themselves reciting to them his verses and purifying them and teaching them the Book and wisdom – although, they had been before in manifest error.} Al Jumu’ah/2.

Magnifying the teacher is a magnification of those who had been sent as teachers and honoring him is an honor to those who taught the people and brought them out from the darkness of ignorance and intolerance into the light of love, the light of guidance and the light of knowledge.

If the person perceives what he had been taught, he cannot fulfill the rights of those who taught him in so many aspects. But he can be committed to discipline in treating those who offer him help, or those who taught how to become a productive person for himself & the other people around. or those who desire to restore his vision. And those who wanted to erase his ignorance and substitute it with the light of knowledge, discipline and ethics.

The primary rights of the teacher according to what Imam Ali Ibn Al-Hussain (AS) stated in the Treatise on Rights ( Risalat Al-Huquq) attributed to him

“the right of the one who trains you through knowledge is magnifying him , respecting his sessions, listening well to him and attending to him with devotion and support him in making yourself indispensable to knowledge“ .

Because the teacher magnification as we mentioned earlier indicates that you acknowledged the virtue of who did you a favor, and that you acknowledged that you would not able to overcome the ignorance you were indulged in without the one who taught you and given through some knowledge.

None of us born knowing everything {Allah has extracted you from the womb of your mothers not knowing a thing} an-Nahl/76 .

The man in this world only acquires with his endeavor in order to make this acquisition way to benefit others and to be one of those helping to benefit his society and its development.

Whatever the knowledge attribute, its duty to acquire it, and a duty to teach it after its acquisition. Without considering that he is superior to others or exceeding them or assuming that the other person can not reach what he reached.

Sheikh Suliman Al-Ahmad (may God be merciful to him) said

“seek knowledge with endurance and once you acquire it take advantage of it and benefit others
Do not say there is no way for me to acquire elevation; as you sow you reap“

He who seek the knowledge, take it as path and realize that it is the way to happiness in this world and the hereafter, the least he must do is to acknowledge the virtue of who guided him to it and the virtue of who makes him walk this way….

Magnifying who did you a favor and taught you alphabet letter is Almighty God decree, who commanded not to deprive people from their due, not to deprive others rights, each person should be mentioned of what he did & gave. The knowledge favor as we learned is great and tremendous. As well as, the virtue of the one who contributed this knowledge, or the virtue of who provided people an access to this knowledge.

I ask almighty god to make me and yourselves from those who meditates shall they urge firm believe and from those who ponder if they want to work and from those who are aware of others virtues on them.

This is the second part of khotbatul-Jumo3aa that was on (20/March/2015)
by Scholar Sheikh Tammam Ahmad (may God protect him).

 You will find its video and the Arabic text on the following link.. Here