The biography of the honourable Sheikh Tammām Aẖmad

Submitted on Thu, 22/07/2021 - 09:38

In the Name of Allāh, the Most Compassionate, Most Merciful

All praise is to Allāh, Lord of the worlds; prayers1 and peace be upon Muẖammad and his infallible2 family, blessed companions, and their followers till the Day of Judgment.

The biography of the honourable Sheikh Tammām Aẖmad -God save him- from the standpoint of the Alawite Islamic Library’s administration:

  1. The honourable Sheikh Tammām Aẖmad was born in 1980 in Syria where he is currently living, in the village of ‘Ayn H̱fāḏ which is located between S̱āfīta and Draykīsh. He is the man who has always brimmed over with vitality and activity, and been well-versed and deep-rooted in the Alawite Islamic thought.
  2. He has a book titled (Illusions of Authors about Alawites’ Actualities) published by (Dar al-Maẖajjah al-Bayḏā’, 2012, Beirut) where he touches on wrong writings about the Alawite madhhab3 , whether the writers belong to the madhhab itself or to other madhhabs. He corrected their mistakes, opposed their slanders, and disproved their falsehoods. Moreover, he has several books posted on our website without hardcopy publication. He also published a book titled (Alawites; Between Religious View and National Identity) published in 2019 by (Dar al-Maẖajjah al-Bayḏā’, Beirut), in addition to a two-part book which is the collection of poems of Sheikh ‘Alī Kattūb -may God perfume his soil- that we have posted chapters of it in our website; not to mention several essays and answers to readers’ questions.
  3. He has been collecting the publications of the Arab Academy of Damascus and the Iraqi Academy of Sciences since their inception whilst commenting, comparing, and correcting some articles. Also he lectured on many topics in the cultural center both in  S̱āfīta and Draykīsh including linguistic, grammatic, and cultural topics.
  4. In addition, he is a poet who has poetical correspondences with several local poets, and has a presence in the field of elegiac poems about scholars and martyrs.
  5. As in the field of religion, he is the preacher of “Imam Ja‘far as̱-S̱ādiq” Mosque which has been built in his village in the ancient times by the efforts of ancestors.
  6. He has dedicated a large amount of time for educating the youth with Islamic religion basics and teachings according to the Alawite madhhab in an integrated curriculum composed by him including four books for each grade (Prophetic biography, Sharī‘ah4 ethic, Qur’ānic studies, and Arabic Language). He is devoting himself to expanding the curriculum in order to include advanced grades and wider and deeper studies.
  7. These in addition to his religious and social presence in regard to performing religious sha‘ā’ir5 , supporting and protecting the madhhab from anomalies and infringements, fighting corrupt thoughts, raising awareness and inciting to renounce discrimination and the negligence of religion matters… (Watch these snippets of his orations).

The Alawite Islamic Library’s Administration


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  • 1Prayers: Blessings.
  • 2Infallible: never wrong, failing, or making a mistake.
  • 3A madhhab (Arabic: مذهب‎, "way to act") is a school of thought within fiqh (Islamic jurisprudence).
  • 4Sharī‘ah, Islamic law, or Sharia law, is a religious law forming part of the Islamic tradition. It is derived from the religious precepts of Islam, particularly the Qur’ān and the ẖadīth.
  • 5Holy rites/ceremonies/rituals, but note that in Islam it is not considered rituals, rather called “sha‘ā’ir”.