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This is an introduction of the website administration (Identity and Goals)

This is an introduction of the website administration
(Identity and Goals)

In the name of Allāh, the most Compassionate, most Merciful

Allāh the Exalted has said: And who is better in speech than one who invites to Allah and does righteousness and says, "Indeed, I am of the Muslims" 33 And not equal are the good deed and the bad. Repel [evil] by that [deed] which is better; and thereupon, the one whom between you and him is enmity [will become] as though he was a devoted friend 34 (Fus̱s̱ilat)

When the world had become dark in our eyes since being displaced from our homeland, our souls opened up to a ray of light emanating from its real home, an Alawite light shining from the sun of Muhammadan truth. Thus, we decided to emigrate to that home where the essence substitutes the accident, and where there is no place for illusions in the world of truth.1

There, after the secret of that passion had settled in the heart, our minds had dovetailed with that truth, and our souls had found their comfort in that place; the journey began to search in the dark history that has wronged us, and treated us with offense instead of defence; a history written by the hired writers of their master sultans; those writers who wrote our history after dipping their quills in the inkwell of injustice by which their sultans has printed all the registries of oppression.

As we caught the embers of truth, we wanted to open our hands so that the world could see the magnitude of the harm, and then we would re-grip that ember.

In the history books and events surrounding the Alawite existence, there is a lot of injustice, forgery and libel, like the truth always when surrounded by wolves of perjury.

In the ancient history of the Alawites:

Forged books about them, hearsays attributed to them, accusations against them, and fabrications attached to them. But although those who have done that are multiple, everyone chewed the poisonous cud from his predecessor’s stomach, that is, the origin of evil is the same, until libraries were filled with all sorts of their poisons, dyed with hatred and revenge against this orphaned Alawite existence and the orphaned truth that all the brothers of evil and darkness gathered to throw it in the gloom of the well.2

And in their recent history, there are two suspicions:

  1. The suspicion of orientalists and their diabolical project that prepares for colonialism theoretical materials (divide and rule), in order to tear apart the religious, social and national fabric, and weaken the human components of the region. Thus, it was easy to break through a component being sabotaged by the hand of tampering, so they increased its destruction and added to his record more doubts and false claims.
  2. Among the people of the same house, who have offended their history and truth because of their lack of ability and competence. Among them are those who had sincere intentions but did not have sufficient competences and qualifications, and they inadvertently put what they wrote as a sword in the hands of the opponents. However, some of them were cheap enough to accept to be the hired hand who acts as a traitor in a scene of shame to provide those who hired them with the fabricated proof: “this is what they said with their tongues”.

We have always been in the circle of accusation and questioning by a majority of narrators whose intellectual structure was made from the repetition of false historical narratives after they yielded to the conspiracy of “disrupting the intellect [ʻaql]” established by the sultans of animal spirits, and thus assaulted one of the guides of legislation, and agreed to be driven in a flock led by a bellwether3 following its “nurse” that is, in turn, leading it with its flock to destruction!

Faced with this reality, we were convinced that we were in confrontation with an army of ignorance and organized evil, so we entered into the battle, supported by the solicitous believers, defending the truth and setting the record straight. Because of that, we were seeking scholars of high rank of knowledge, ability and qualifications, and whose writings were supported and blessed by the scholars, devouts and intellectuals in the Alawite society, and those who stood out with the highness of their knowledge and good conduct.

Hence, our reliance on them in this library was based on this fair criterion which requires the library to adhere to the standards of responsibility, credibility and trust, and to provide a solemn and well-balanced speech... so that we contribute to the building of a well-founded establishment that works to present the Alawite portrayal, adequately, as described by the Alawites’ tongue.

And then, fate has ordained that our stationing and contribution to this battle would be through the internet, so the library's debut was in 2010 after years of intellectual labor and participation in many clubs and websites, which revealed the size of knowledge gap and distortion, and affirmed the necessity for a responsible website. Consequently, the establishment of the library has begun, based on that experience, in this wide and complicated arena where the rate of suspicions and fictitious names have been increasing, as well as the infiltrators (neo-orientalists) who distort the facts, spread the poison of sedition and impersonate to broadcast their projects as part of the battle of intellectual colonialism led by the new world order, which aims to occupy minds after emptying them, in order to complement their ancestors’s mission (the early orientalists) who set up the stage of military occupation...

This world of communication has a lot of positive and negative aspects which are determined depending on how to manage it. It is the present-day language that will dominate, and we have to master it. However, it is, just like our infiltrated culture, a language that has been infiltrated by many suspect terms that call for even more caution and inspection, honesty and responsibility, in order to get the true story... And this is what we have made the covenant and determination to do...

Accordingly, our goals could be summarised as follows:

  1. Collect religious and intellectual heritage in a library that is protected from tampering and abuse.
  2. Introduce the Alawite thought that reflects the light of Muhammadan truth with a righteous tongue which delivers truths from a pure heart.
  3. Present the true Alawite identity through the honest transfer of thought and reality, and thus confirming the authenticity and depth of this faith and its impression on Alawites’ minds and behaviors.
  4. Defend the Alawite Islamic madhhab against the aggressors, whose invasions would never ever stop on this solid and impregnable fortress.
  5. Rectify the logic of defense by using a responsible and solemn language far from abusive reactions that lose the truth in the details and pull it to the course of altercations.
  6. Reveal the infiltrators who pretend to be Alawite figures or show up with Alawite names, some of whom put on the dress of the fierce attacker, lacking the ethics of dialogue, to deliver the kind of speech that incites sectarian instincts and strife, and broadcast messages of hatred and indoctrination.
    And some others play the role of solicitous defenders who show anger defending the honourable madhhab! And on the pretext of anger they go nonsense, denigrating this affiliation through showing non-relative morals and using improper words, and falsifying the facts by passing and confirming some slanders, and thus giving the excuse for those who brought the slanders out by attributing the speech to the fake Alawite tongue.
    This is a mean and dirty trick used by its mean owners to achieve their goals by the exploitation of mean-spirited and weak-minded persons.
  7. Adopt the moderate discourse that reflects affiliation to the school of faith whose slogan is the blessed Qurʼānic verse: {and only debate with them in the best manner}, and bring forward the authority of reason and the language of openness, dialogue and tolerance, as we have been ordered by the owner of the honourable sharīʻah, Muẖammad (Peace be upon him and his family).

As a result of adopting this policy, we have been subject to a lot of pressure during our work, and I have personally suffered a lot. 

However, this has increased the motivation to stick to our path, which was blessed and encouraged by the loyal and solicitous believers. And since our faith in the correctness of this path was absolute and firm, we have devoted to it all the means that God has given us, thanks to the encouragement and participation of the genuine and virtuous brothers. Thus, we started publishing the available religious and scholarly materials based, at the beginning, on the writings of Sheikh H̱usayn Muẖammad al-Mad͟hlūm (may God save him), which had two important features:

  1. The commendation and support from a large number of distinguished scholars and influential men of God among the folks.
  2. The specialisation in rejecting accusations and slanders, and highlighting the religious, historical and mental arguments, and presenting the Alawite portrayal in its glorious transfiguration.

This was followed by the rising star of Sheikh Tmmām Aẖmad (may God save him) in the world of writing, elocution and authorship, and his talent in the forums of poetry and intellectual activities. He has presented us with valuable books in the library, in addition to a full audio collection of speeches, lectures and religious commemorations.

Recently, the library has been enriched with the works of Scholar Sheikh Aẖmad Naddah (May God save him) which are of the philosophical and ʻirfānī4 character that reflects the breadth, diversity and depth of religious culture in the Alawite thought.

This is in addition to the well-known books of the righteous ancestors; those precious title books of the trustworthy men of God and scholars, which have, in spite of their rarity, a high value and quality. We have published some, and have more to be published in the future.

It should be noted that this library is the result of an effort that involved a number of loyal brothers of high religious solicitude and high determination, who have made blessed strenuous efforts believing in this noble mission.

Recognising that they have made every effort seeking means to the approval of Allāh and serving this honourable madhhab, thanks to their high-calibre and aspiration, we owe them sincere gratitude and credit, and we affirm our commitment to spare no effort to keep the faithfulness and the trust they have given us in preserving and protecting their intellectual properties and presenting them as per transcription standards.

And ongoing appreciation and gratefulness to our technical brother whose efforts and dedicated time (since the early beginnings in 2007, launching in 2010, up to now 2021) were proof of his nobility and sincere loyalty...

Likewise, thank you the virtuous calligrapher brother (H̱asan al-Mad͟hlūm), who drew with his blessed hand the first logo of the library, while the last logo is designed by the technical brother.

In fact, we consider that the materials of this library are blessed contributions from the gentlemen characterised by intellect, cognition and virtue; who realised that they were in a battlefield for defending the truth and supporting religion, so they fought using thought; may God reward them with all good.

Besides, because the conflict between Right and Wrong is going on, the call for fighting with thought and pen [writing] is still on, for those who have the capability and the means to do so, and found that God has paved the way for them.

Finally, we pledge, as we have pledged Allāh (the Glorified and Highly Exalted), to keep this website as a platform for truth, which delivers its words without fearing any blame but God, and as a labour that only aims for His approval; and to keep, from the position of administration, the honesty and faithfulness attributed to us.

(Administration of the Alawite Islamic Library website)

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  • 1Referring to the situation of the founder and administrator of the Alawite Islamic Library (Mr. Sulaymān Muʻīn al-H̱arbūqī) when he emigrated from Lebanon and Syria to Australia in 2001, and his tight attachment to his origins, and commitment to his principles and beliefs.
  • 2A metaphor for throwing Prophet Yūsuf in the well. Review: {Yūsuf-15} in the holy Qurʼān.
  • 3A bellwether (Arabic: مرياع miryāʻ) is a ram which was nursed (breastfed) by a donkey, and so thinks of it as his mother!
  • 4Related to deep spiritual knowledge