Forefathers Books


Dear reader, this section is dedicated to the printed books of the honourable predecessor sheikhs who passed away next to their God, the mercy of Allah Almighty and his satisfaction be upon them.

Our predecessor sheikhs did not have the right conditions to publish and print many books because of two reasons: poverty and wrong that have remained with Alawites for hundreds of years, as you know. And We know that there were drafts and authoring attempts that have remained confined in drawers because there were no possibilities to bring them forth into the world of light, and they are waiting for those who reformulate them to suit them and preserve their value and content.

Therefore, we always ask those who have some of this valuable heritage to kindly provide us with it, or help us to print it or present it here in the library, with the greatest thanks and gratefulness from us; and from God, the greatest reward and wage.

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