Speeches by Sheikh Tammām Aẖmad (visual and written)


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In this category of the religious sermons, Sheikh Tammām Aẖmad has the role of the religious leader and mentor, and from the pulpit of the Messenger of God clarifies his Sharīʻah and explains to people the confusing matters of their religion and worldly life in accordance to the true Islamic law, and fixes what is broken, using his deeds, heart, and tongue; thereby he redirects things to their straight path so that the life of the servants can be straightened with it.

Sheikh Tammam's speeches are religious, social and intellectual lessons that address aspects of religion and life and make him a leader and religious guide.

It should be noted that these speeches are an integrated library which been documented by video and audio since late 2013, in a pioneering and creative initiative whose causes would not have been possible without a sharp religious intellect that is always present to process issues and solve dilemmas, as most of them were improvised according to the facts imposed by the consecutive and varied events that have stormed the Syrian society, which required a religious leader who sets things right and leads the event under the true Islamic legislation reflecting the figure of a society which has never been taken apart from its authenticity and roots despite the scourges and tragedies.

Sheikh Tammām Aẖmad's speeches are religious lessons, a life path, and a beacon of thought.

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