Question & Answer with Sheikh Tammam Ahmad


A brief intro about the honourable Sheikh Tammām Aẖmad from the standpoint of the Alawite Islamic Library:

Sheikh Tammām Aẖmad, the genius, the brilliant, is that man of God that grew up in the vastness of religion with all passion and love, detached from all the worldly concerns of others, and adhered to the Islamic law (Sharīʻah) until he became an integral part of it. Sharīʻah and rulings are always evident in his calm and move, and always manifest in his silence and utterance let alone the wisdom and the high moral, that just like if you are in front of a structure inhabited by wisdom uttering with his tongue. He is a bright Alawite figure that reflects the depth of cognition, the authenticity of belonging, and the wideness of knowledge that he has fathomed, grabbed its ends, and recognized its diversity and differences, so you could hardly ask about a problem or a matter without receiving the immediate answer with the omniscience of the expert and clairvoyant scholar.

He is that man who embodies wisdom and rulings in his poetry in such a way that you find in your hand an abstract of knowledge and religion cast with a rare talent and ability, which places his poems on a par with the bibles of poetry that involves sense and philosophy. His people pledge of allegiance to him and follow his guidance and directive, since he relates to their lives, and practices in his religious sermons the role of leader and wise guide.

He is an Alawite role model illuminated with the rays of wisdom and connected to all the means of supply coming from the divine world of faith.

Since 2015, Sheikh Tammām Aẖmad (may God save him) has answered about 23 questions.

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