About death, the isthmus/Barzakh, reincarnation, organ donation, and death of Pharaoh and Gabriel...

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Some of the questions addressed to BAYTULHUDA The House of Guidance and answered by his Eminence Sheikh Tammam Ahmad may Allah protect him.

1- Is it true that Jibra’il (peace be upon him) threw sand in the Pharaoh’s mouth before his death, the reason behind that Jibra’il was afraid of Pharaoh to seek forgiveness, since God almighty only who gives forgiveness?

The Answer: According to Musnad Imam Ahmad Ibn Hanbul, the prophet (peace be upon him) said: "Jibra’il began shoving clay into Pharaoh’s mouth out of fear that he would say; there is only one God". In another narration, fearing that "God would have mercy upon him".

This is correct for those who mentioned it. On the other hand, according to logic,  it is not correct to relate such a thing to Jibra’il. 

2- Is it permissible for us to donate our organs?

The Answer: when a person intends to donate some of their organs while  alive, there is no issue. However, if the intention is to donate their organs after death, scholars debate this matter. Some permit it. And it is permitted as I see, under the condition that it is ensured to be used for treatment and healing purposes, not for organ trade to sell and profit. God knows best.

3- What happens after we die and are in the grave? What inquiries are posed? What happens in the meantime?

Similar question: what happens when we die? Do we suffer in pain until the Day of Judgement? If we make a mistake, what will happen to us in the meantime? Could I ask three questions?

The Answer: The first thing that happens in the grave is that the deceased is made to sit in their grave, and then they are asked. It has been narrated from Imam al-Sajjad (AS): 

((Woe unto you, O son of Adam... as if your term has come to an end, and the angel took/seized your soul, and you will be alone in your grave.
There,  your soul  will be given back to you, and your two angels, namely Munker and Nakeer, will break in to examine and interrogate you so difficulty. First of all, they will ask you about your Lord that you were worshipping, your Prophet whom was sent to you, your religion that you were following, your Book that you were reciting, and about your Imam whom you were adhering loyally. Moreover, they will ask you how you have finished your age, the source of your wealth, and how you spent your wealth…))

4- I have heard that our society believes in multiple lives. Is it true? Do our souls reincarnate?

The Answer: Human has multiple lives, their life in this world, and their life in the realm between this world and the afterlife known as Barzakh, where the soul resides after death until the Day of Judgment. Then, their life will be according to their deeds, either in Paradise or Hell.

As for the question of whether our soul is reborn?

Allah does as He wills. Some people are born again after death and remember their previous life, while others do not remember. God knows best.

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