Sheikh Tammam Ahmed’s answers to questions received from members of the Alawite sect in Sydney, Australia, to “BAYTULHUDA The House of Guidance" Association, starting in Rajab 1445 AH.

Submitted on Sun, 03/03/2024 - 03:03


Praise be to God always and forever, and may God’s blessings and peace be upon Muhammad and the family of Muhammad..

Our first journey in defending the Alawites and showing the true, good image of them began in the early of the twenty-first century in the various religious forums spread across the Internet, until our first launch - with the grace of God Almighty - was through the establishment of the Alawite Islamic Library in 2007, then an advanced step followed. On the ground in the city of Sydney/Australia in 2015, where the “HOODAN-NOOR Guidance of the Light" school was launched to teach the Arabic language and religious sciences,1 and as a continuation of the journey, and also from Sydney, the launch of the “BAYTULHUDA The House of Guidance" Association took place in 2023.2

After completing the establishment of “BAYTULHUDA”, the launch took place in the month of Rajab 1445 AH, and in the first two sessions alone, we received more than thirty questions, most of them from the Alawite sisters. His Eminence Sheikh Tammam Ahmad - may God protect him - took care of answering the religious questions, and the questions have continued to rain down upon us after each session, that is why we decided to dedicate this page to publish the answers in Arabic and English, so that all Alawites, men and women around the world, may benefit from them. By the way, we always welcome any question we receive, even if it is not directed to “BAYTULHUDA”, so please do not hesitate to write to us, and you are all welcome.

We will try to classify the questions under specific headings that suit them, and we will publish them successively with everything new that reaches us, and God is our helper.

  • 1In fact, “HOODAN-NOOR Guidance of the Light” School is a fruit of the will of the scholar Sheikh Mahmoud Merhej (may God have mercy on him), and the “BAYTULHUDA the House of Guidance” Association is also another fruit of his teachings and commandments…
  • 2It is a non-profit association, consisting of community members who volunteer their time and effort to work with the community in interactive ways to increase awareness of various real-life topics, such as: addressing psychological and mental health conflicts, discussing life’s problems and how to confront them, and self-development and skills development workshops, to ensure the positive growth of the individual, family and society. The greatest interest is in working on religious education (for both females and males), teaching the Arabic language, and celebrating religious events and rituals together so that we preserve the Islamic Alawite identity... Perhaps we will succeed in providing opportunities for young people to have a safe platform to make their voices heard, and create a space for new friendships and bonds among the members of their community... while providing continuous support to the group, and creating a feeling of cooperation, integration, and unity among the members of our community.