About Fasting “Sawm” & the month of Shaaban & Ramadan

Submitted on Fri, 15/03/2024 - 23:24


Some of the questions addressed to BAYTULHUDA The House of Guidance and answered by his Eminence Sheikh Tammam Ahmad may Allah protect him.

1- A question about the days recommended to fast in Shaʼbān: Does anyone know why these days are important for fasting? What is the importance behind them?

The answer: Fasting in a month other than Ramaḏān is a Prophetic Sunnah. Whoever wishes may volunteer. And whoever does not fast, there is no sin in that. It is recommended for whoever desires reward. It has a health benefit for their body.. and this is the reason for fasting in general.. and this is how the narrations came about fasting in the month of Sha`bān. One of them in the Prophetic hadith: “Sha`bān is my month and it is the best of the months after the month of Ramadan; whoever fasts a day during it, I will be his intercessor on the Day of Resurrection…” He (PBUH) was asked: Which fasting is best? He said: “Sha`ban is in veneration of Ramadan..” 

And Imam Jaafar Al-S̱ādiq̱ said: “Whoever fasts the first day of Sha`bān, Paradise is guaranteed for them absolutely; and whoever fasts for two days, God will look at them every day and night in this world and will be always looking at them in Paradise... And whoever fasts for three days will visit God on His throne from His Paradise every day… And there is no servant who fasts frequently in Sha`bān except that God will improve their livelihood and guard them from the evil of their enemy...”. God knows best.

2. If you travel by car to Wollongong during Ramadan in the daytime (approximately 60 kilometers), would it be considered travelling and thus exempt you from fasting? I did this once and was told that my fast would not be valid.

The Answer: Yes, the distance that breaks the fast for a fasting person is approximately 44 kilometers. One of the conditions for fasting to be obligatory is that the person must be settled and in good health. An exception to this is for those who are constantly travelling during Ramadan and beyond due to work requirements.

Allah has allowed traveller to break their fast as long as the travel is not for commercial purposes, as mentioned in the Quran: "So whoever among you is ill or on a journey [during them] - then an equal number of days [are to be made up]" (Surah Al-Baqarah:184).

In the teachings of Prophet Muhammad: "Fasting while on a journy is not a part of  righteousness." Allah has lightened the burden of worship and made it easier, so a person should adhere to this. God knows best.

3. Is wearing makeup harmful during Ramadan?

The Answer: There is no issue, as long as the fasting person does not taste it in their throat, then it is permissible. God knows best.

4. is listening to music during Ramadan considered as Haram (forbidden)? Is music forbidden in general or only certain types of it?

The Answer: the answer has been already provided, you can look at the nineteenth answer on the library’s website.

Any new question about fasting, and the month of Ramadan we will add it here God willing (Administration of the Alawite Islamic Library)