About Pray for (Duaa)

Submitted on Fri, 22/03/2024 - 23:11


Some of the questions addressed to BAYTULHUDA The House of Guidance and answered by his Eminence Sheikh Tammam Ahmad may Allah protect him.

1. How do we or can we perform supplication?

The answer: There is no specific time for supplication. It is recommended in all circumstances. This is mentioned in the Almighty’s saying:
When you have completed the prayer, remember Allah—standing, or sitting, or on your sides. Then, when you feel secure, perform the prayer. The prayer is a duty on believers at appointed times. [ Surat Al-Nisaa’ 103].

Among its conditions, according to what was narrated on the authority of our Lord, the Commander of the Faithful Imam ‘Ali (peace be upon him), are: “preparedness of intention, sincerity of one’s heart, knowledge of God to whom you turn, and fairness in the matter”.

This means that a person should make their intention in supplicating for good, not for evil or harm, and that they should be sincere at the moment of supplication, with their heart not attached to anything else, sure of an answer from God, confident in His mercy, and that they should well-know Whom they ask [S.W], believing in His unity and transcendence from a partner or a counterpart. And that they should be fair in their submission, that is, to have a reasonable question, not an impossible or imaginary one, God knows best.

2. When a female's menstrual cycle comes, is there any specific prayer or supplication that we can say after completing the period and cleanliness? For example, a prayer when you start and another when you finish?

The answer: A woman does not pray or fast during her menstrual days, and after her purity she makes up what she missed of fasting, and she does not make up what she missed of praying, but she may supplicate with words of her choice or what God inspired her to say. However, among the narrated prayers for stomach pain:

((O Allah, oh Allah, oh Allah, O Most Compassionate, O Most Merciful, O Lord of lords, O God of gods, O King of kings, O Master of masters, heal me with your cure of every sickness and disease, for I am your servant and the daughter of your servants, fluttering in your Hands.))

And for bladder pain: After seeking refuge with Allah from the accursed Satan and saying the basmalah, you say:

((Did you not know that God has power over all things? Did you not know that to God belongs the dominion of the heavens and the earth, and that apart from God you have neither guardian nor helper)).

And for the pain in the woman’s vulva:

((In the name of God and by God, “yes, whoever submits his face to God and is a doer of good will have their reward with their Lord and there is no fear on them nor will they grieve”. Oh God, I have submitted, and I turn to You, and I have entrusted my affairs to You. There is no refuge or safety from You except with You.)) [say it three times].

If it is difficult for her to memorize these supplications, it is permissible for her to pray otherwise, God knows best.

3. What prayers should one recite before leaving the house, before going to sleep, upon entering the house, and before entering the bathroom? Is it permissible to pray while showering?

The Answer: Among what has been narrated from Ahl al-Bayt (peace be upon them);

the prayer before leaving the house is: "O Allah, You are the road Companion, the Helper, and the One looking after family, wealth and children".

The prayer upon entering the house is: "O Allah, cause us to land at a blessed landing-place, for you are the best of those who bring to land."

The prayer before sleeping: When one of you intends to sleep, let them place their right hand under their right cheek and say:

"In the name of Allah, I lay my side for Allah, follow the religion of Ibrahim, the religion of Muhammad, and the allegiance of those whom Allah has made obligatory to obey. What Allah has decreed, has come to pass, and what He has not decreed, has not occurred".

The prayer upon entering the bathroom: When you enter the bathroom, say while removing your garments: "O Allah, remove hypocrisy from me, and firmly plant me on faith". Pour cold water on your feet when you exit (after showering), as it removes fatigue from your body.

When you dress, say: "O Allah, wear me with righteousness, and keep me away from disgrace".

As for the prayer in the bathroom, it is permissible for one who likes to supplicate with what is possible. It is narrated in the ritual washing after sexual defilement: "O Allah, purify my heart, refine my actions, accept my efforts, and make what you have good for me".

And in the ritual washing on Fridays: "O Allah, purify my heart from all evil that corrupts my religion and nullify my deeds". God knows best.

Any new question about supplication/Duaa', we will add it here God willing (Administration of the Alawite Islamic Library)