Questions about ablution (Wudu’)

Submitted on Mon, 26/02/2024 - 23:11


Some of the questions addressed to BAYTULHUDA The House of Guidance and answered by his Eminence Sheikh Tammam Ahmad may Allah protect him.

 1. It is stipulated that one should not wear jewelry during ablution. What about the Khilaa (the green bracelet from Maqam Al-Khidr)

The answer: There is no harm in keeping the jewelry ((precious jewelry)) on during ablution if the water reaches the skin, but if the bracelets or rings are tight... If it is to a degree that prevents water from reaching underneath it, then it is necessary to remove it during ablution. Otherwise, there is no harm in wearing it during ablution.

As for the cloth taken from the shrines of saints, it is best to remove it during ablution; Not because it is forbidden to wear it, but because getting it wet with water time after time destroys it and changes its appearance, God knows best.

2. Does makeup invalidate ablution?

The answer: A woman’s adornment does not invalidate her ablution, and her prayers when she is adorned and wearing perfume is better, God knows best.

3. Do artificial nails invalidate ablution

The answer: Everything that does not prevent water from reaching the areas that must be washed, there is nothing wrong with it, God knows best.

4. Do we still need to perform ablution after finishing showering?

The Answer: There is no need for ablution after washing. God knows best.

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