Questions about Shia, Alawites and Sunnis..

Submitted on Sat, 11/05/2024 - 11:57


Some of the questions addressed to BAYTULHUDA The House of Guidance and answered by his Eminence Sheikh Tammam Ahmad may Allah protect him.

1- Can we know how we Alawites were killed/persecuted and how we became Alawites? 

The answer: The term "Alawite" refers to being affiliated with Imam Ali, signifying loyalty, adherence, belief in his Imamate, Caliphate, and infallibility. However, historical stages are not discussed here. Those interested can refer to books on this topic, such as "The Certain News about the Alawites" by Sheikh Mahmoud Al-Saleh. God knows best.


2- What is the difference between Shi’a, Alawites and Sunnis? Why is there a difference?

The answer: The difference between Shi’a, Alawites, and Sunnis lies in their customs, traditions, and interpretations, including disagreements in the authentication of some individuals. Such as Abi Al-Khattab and Mr. Mohammad bin Nusayr whom Alawities authenticate, considering Abi Al-Khattab as a gateway to Imam Al-Sadiq and Mr. Mohammad ibn Nusayr as a gateway to Imam ʻAli-al-Hādi, then Imam Hasan-Al-ʻaskari, and finally to Imam al-Mahdi. Shortly, the doctrine is the same which is the Ja’fari doctrine/Mazhhab, and the difference lies in the environment, customs, and traditions of each.

However, the difference between Alawites and Sunnis shortly lies in the post-Mohammad leadership (Califate), Alawities said: that the caliphate after the prophet is based on explicit text, while Sunnis said: there is no explicit text regarding the caliphate and it should be a matter of consultation (Shura) among Muslims through election and choice. 

The reason for these differences is due to the diversity of people’s minds. God knows best.

Any new question in this context, we will add it here, God willing. (Administration of the Alawite Islamic Library)